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  • Promoting oysters abroad

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    🦪Oysters from 5 countries🦪
    The weather becomes freezing and it is the best season to eat oysters😋😋
    Proven 📋The supply is safe, sufficient, and confidence guaranteed👍

    ⭐️A cooler bag and an ice bag will be provided for 12 or more pieces🤗
    ⭐️⭐️Delivery to the house for free if you spend more than 50
    Customers with less than 50 pieces can add $60 for delivery
    📌Extra freight is required for remote areas, Tung Chung, outlying islands, and Ma Wan do not provide delivery

    Whatsapp orders: 66750892
    🚫Daily order cut-off time: Every Thursday before 18:00 (delivery every Saturday, if the goods are delivered tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, you can order from 50)

    🔥If you want more than 50 guests, you must place your order one to two days in advance
    🔥🔥Other personalized services
    For door-to-door opening, you only need to make an appointment two to three days in advance, and a $100 service charge will be charged (additional charge for remote locations, please contact us for details)

    France 🇫🇷🦪Fine de Claire
    $25/1pcs for 1 dozen (plus $1 for each less than 1 dozen)
    French oysters become plumper and taste strong the more frozen the weather
    Another famous oyster in France!

    South African Oyster🇿🇦🦪Namibia
    $27/1pcs 1 dozen (less than 1 dozen each add $1)
    Eat the meat, the food is refreshing, the tail is sweet

    Japanese Oyster🇯🇵🦪Iwate Oyster
    $26/1pcs 1 dozen (plus $1 for each less than 1 dozen)
    Oyster flavor is not too heavy, it has a creamy feel

    Irish Oyster🇮🇪🦪Irish Rock
    $28/1pcs 1 dozen (less than 1 dozen each add $1)
    Many people generally recognize the creamy taste

    American Oyster🇺🇸🦪American Rock
    $24/1pcs 1 dozen (less than 1 dozen each add $1)
    Thick meat, light sea water 😋

    🤩Working with supplier boss for many years
    🤩Strive for the best price & ensure resources


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